The Growing Trend: Selling Gift Cards in Nigeria

Selling gift cards has seen a sharp increase in popularity in Nigeria recently. What was once a quite tiny sector has now blossomed into a thriving trend that is enthralling people throughout the nation. This blog seeks to offer a perceptive synopsis of this burgeoning phenomenon, illuminating the factors contributing to its increasing appeal.

The Selling Gift Cards Phenomenon

In Nigeria, presenting gifts has always involved providing gift cards. These cards, which are usually distributed by different merchants, are prepaid credits that let the recipients select their gifts. However, the reselling of gift cards has been popular during the past ten years. Rather than redeeming them at the designated retailer, some are choosing to sell them to cash-paying customers. In Nigeria, this behavior change has given rise to an intriguing phenomenon.

The Market for Resale Gift Cards

Nigeria’s market for reselling gift cards is a vibrant and changing one. The market for gift cards has changed to accommodate the demands of both consumers and sellers as the demand for them keeps rising. People may now easily and securely purchase and sell gift cards on several specific marketplaces and online platforms that have sprung up.

Selling Gift card


The Causes of the Pattern in Selling Gift cards

There are several reasons for the rise in gift card reselling, which makes it a trend worth following in Nigeria. Let’s examine the factors that are contributing to gift card sales’ rising appeal.

1. Flexibility in finances

This tendency is mostly driven by the possibility of financial flexibility. In Nigeria, where cash flow issues and crises are widespread, gift card reselling offers a quick way to get cash. People can take care of their immediate financial needs—such as paying bills, covering unforeseen costs, or making investments—by selling their unwanted or unused gift cards.

2. Value Unlocked

Gift cards are frequently partially or never utilized. Many customers receive cards from merchants with few local locations or from stores they don’t often visit. Gift cards may be turned into cash that can be spent in anyway the seller pleases by reselling them, which releases the value that has been locked inside of them. For many, reselling gift cards has become a sensible option because of their increased access to cash.

3. Self-Empowerment

Selling gift cards gives people a voice and a way to take charge of their financial circumstances. Gift card resale promotes financial autonomy and economic empowerment for various people, including parents trying to support their families, students trying to defray their educational costs, and entrepreneurs searching for startup funding.

4. Filling the Void

In a nation where wealth disparities are widespread, gift card reselling acts as a link between various financial situations. Gift cards are an easy way for sellers to make the difference between what they need to pay for them and what they can get for them in the secondary market since buyers are frequently ready to buy them at a somewhat lower value. Both sides gain from this trade, which is mutually advantageous.

5. Convenience for Customers

Nigerians may now join in on this practice more easily than ever thanks to the growth of internet marketplaces and platforms devoted to gift card reselling. Gift card sellers may offer their cards online instantly, and gift card buyers can browse and select the cards they desire with ease. The trend’s expansion has been greatly aided by this convenience element.

6. Considering the Environment

The trend of reselling gift cards is also in line with environmental conscience in a world where sustainability is becoming more and more important. Sellers can reduce waste and save resources by prolonging the life of gift cards and keeping them from being thrown away.

7. Creating Income

Selling gift cards has grown to be a popular side activity for many Nigerians. Gift card resale is a flexible and easy way to make money, whether it’s side employment for students or a part-time job for stay-at-home parents.

8. Worldwide Reach

The global audience for gift card reselling has grown due to the proliferation of internet platforms. Global demand for Nigerian gift cards creates a worldwide market that raises the selling price of the cards. The expansion and profitability of the trend have been aided by this global demand.

9. Risk-free and Secure Dealings

The popularity of selling gift cards has been largely attributed to safety and security. Reputable online marketplaces shield customers and sellers from possible fraud and con artists by offering safe payment options and verification procedures.

10. A spirit of entrepreneurship

Reselling gift cards has encouraged entrepreneurship in many Nigerians. People with an entrepreneurial spirit have been drawn to those who possess the skills necessary to recognize market trends, close transactions, and oversee a small firm.

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More than just a business phenomena, the increasing popularity of selling gift cards in Nigeria is evidence of the people’s ingenuity, flexibility, and fortitude. With convenience, environmental awareness, and economic empowerment driving this trend, the resale market for gift cards is certain to become a significant and long-lasting aspect of Nigerian finance. Those who adopt this trend stand to gain a great deal, whether their goal is to close a financial gap, earn extra money, or just spend gift cards more wisely. Selling gift cards is becoming more and more common in Nigeria, which is indicative of a dynamic and changing financial environment that is both empowering and useful. A well-known online marketplace in Nigeria, Tunestrade offers easy gift card conversion services, secure transactions, and affordable rates for converting gift cards to Naira. 

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