Sell Gift Cards in Nigeria – Convert Gift Cards to Cash

Gift cards have grown in popularity as a practical way to let those you care for choose what they want. Although, you may receive gift cards that do not correspond to your preferences. Worry not if you discover yourself in this predicament in Nigeria! You can turn these gift cards into Naira and spend the money on things you really want. In this blog, we will explore how to sell gift cards in Nigeria, and the advantages of doing so.

Nigeria’s Online Gift Card Market

The digital era has led to the development of a large online gift card sector, making it more feasible for Nigerians to obtain various gift cards. Gift cards are given to people for various ones, such as on occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries, or as business incentives. Gift cards are appealing because they allow the receiver to select their chosen gift, which makes them a diverse and empathetic present.

Gift cards for major companies and services are available on online platforms such as Amazon, iTunes, and others. Because gift cards are so easily accessible, a robust market for the purchase and sale of gift cards online has emerged in Nigeria.

Why should you offer gift cards online in Nigeria?

No longer needed gift cards: We frequently receive gift cards for shops or platforms that we do not frequent or that are not available in Nigeria. You may receive cash for your unwanted gift cards by selling them online.

Quick money: Selling gift card online might be a quick and easy way to acquire cash when you\’re in need of it. This money can be utilized for various objectives, such as paying bills, shopping, or investing.

Security and ease:

Online portals that facilitate the sale of gift cards in Nigeria provide safe and secure transactions, allowing anyone to swap their gift cards for Naira.

Best way to sell gift cards

Selling gift cards online is a simple process. To get you started, here’s a step-by-step guide:

Select a reliable platform: The first stage is to choose a reliable online marketplace for exchanging gift card to Naira. Check that the platform provides competitive rates, safe transactions, and an easy-to-use interface.

Create an account: Now, create an account on the platform of your choice. For security reasons, you will be requested to submit basic details in order to verify your identity.

Make a list of your gift cards: After you\’ve created your account, you can begin listing the gift cards you want to sell. Provide information on the card\’s brand, its worth, and any special terms or conditions.

Request a quote: After you list your gift cards, the website will give you a quote. This estimate is dependent on the current market value of the gift cards you are selling.

Confirm the purchase: Confirm the sale if you are satisfied with the quote. Further information, like your card number and PIN, may be requested.

Take payment: You will be paid in Naira once the platform confirms the gift card and performs the transaction. Payment methods may differ, so select the one that best suits you.

Advantages of selling gift cards online

Convenience: Online gift card converters make the process simple and quick. You can exchange your gift cards without leaving your house.

Quick money: Selling gift cards online might offer you the funds you require in a timely manner.

Avoid gift card waste:

Instead of throwing away old gift cards, exchange them for Naira and put the cash to greater use.

Sorts of gift cards:

Most online platforms accept a variety of gift cards, including the ones issued by well-known stores and online marketplaces.

Bottom line

In Nigeria, selling of gift cards online is a great way to convert unneeded gift cards into useable Naira. You must, however, select a trusted platform, compare deals, and get the advantages of converting gift cards into cash.

Tunestrade is a major online platform in Nigeria that provides smooth gift card conversion services, safe transactions, and reasonable prices for easily changing gift cards to Naira. Visit its site now  to reveal the value of your gift card with just a few clicks! 

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